To establish an International Organization for the purpose of:

1.      Advancing the Kingdom of God to all nations, through preaching, teaching, training, equipping, empowering and supporting individuals in their God given ministries and purpose.

2.       Teaching, training, and developing practical programs for discovering, understanding and applying the precepts, keys, principles, values, morals, and standards of the Kingdom of God on earth, producing a community with a lifestyle reflecting Heaven’s culture.

3.      Addressing social issues, including Health (with emphasis on HIV and Aids), Education, Poverty, Social Welfare, Unemployment and all forms of politically induced inequities.


JRMI's Mandate Areas

  • We need to pray.
  • We need to be willing to hold our positions in the face of adversity.
  • We need to develop each others ministries , gifts and talents unto the service of the Lord.
  • We need to earnestly desire more in the areas God has assigned us to.

  • On arts and culture- the expectation is that arts and culture will be used as vehicles of moral regeneration.
  • On self discovery- the expectation is that individuals will come to a realisation that each and everyone of us is good at something and with the correct assistance one can discover where his/her potential is and how he/she can live by that potential.
  • On business and leadership- the thinking behind is how people can be assisted to turn their own talents into income generators. The rational behind it is that business requires leadership and vision and these can also be developed.